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Green House Stories is a sustainable, slow living atelier based in Hälsingland, Sweden. Here I create natural products that are kind to the planet and good to the soul.

Being surrounded by nature, brings me peace and calmness 

Inge Miedema.
About Green house stories

Hello, it’s good to have you here!

My name is Inge Miedema, I was born in The Netherlands and now I live in the forrest of Hälsingland, Sweden since December 2020. Being surrounded by nature, with mostly only natural sounds, brings me peace and calmness.

I have always loved to make things and I love to forage food from nature. But I also love to work in my vegetable garden, create new vegetarian recipes with the food i find and grow.
As much as I love my home I love to explore the world and learn about other cultures. In fact I have travelled quite some time in my little green mini Van, touring trough Europe and Azia. During one of those trips I came up with the name Green House Stories.
Green House Stories nowadays is a sustainable and slow living atelier in Hälsingland, Sweden. I create natural products that are kind to the planet and good for your soul.
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